Name: Adrienne Halliwell

Job title: Senior Manager Safeguarding & Care Governance

Adrienne Halliwell

Name: Alison Budd

Job title: Director of Nursing, Midwifery and Allied Health Professionals

Ali Atkinson Budd

Name: Anna Stabler

Job title: Executive Director of Nursing & Quality 

Anna Stabler

Name: Catherine Whalley

Job title: Assistant Director (Deputy DASS)

Cath Whalley

Name: Cllr Patricia Bell

Job title: County Councillor

Cllr Bell

Name: David Blacklock

Job title: Chief Executive

David Blacklock

Name: David Pattinson

Job title: Detective Superintendent (interim)

Name: David Savage

Job title: Lay member

David Savage

Name: Fiona Musgrave

Job title: Assistant Director - Integration and Partnerships

Fiona Musgrave

Name: Jane Jones

Job title: Head of Safeguarding

Jane Jones

Name: Jeanette McDiarmid

Job title: Independent Chair

Jeanette McDiarmid

Name: John Macilwraith

Job title: Executive Director 

John Macilwraith

Name: Justine Sharp

Job title: Assistant Director of Housing

Name: Louise Mason Lodge

Job title: Deputy Director of Nursing Designated Nurse for Safeguarding

Louise Mason Lodge

Name: Lynne Wyre

Job title: Director of Nursing

Lynne Wyre

Name: Nathaniel Hooton

Job title: Area Manager

Nathaniel Hooton

Name: Penny Brown

Job title: Lay member

Penny Brown

Name: Sarah Ward

Job title: Head of Cumbria (Vice Chair)

Sarah Ward

Name: Simone Eagling

Job title: Business Manager

Simone Eagling

Name: Tony Corcoron

Job title: Governor

Tony Corcoran