We understand that safeguarding can be a difficult time for people especially if they have experienced abuse and neglect. We want to make sure people feel in control and have information on their rights and choices throughout the whole process.

Our commitment to you

In Cumbria, we are committed to supporting people to feel included in safeguarding. We want people to understand that their feelings, wishes and beliefs are paramount.

Here is our commitment to you: 

  • We will listen to you and take what you say seriously

  • We will understand that this is a difficult time for you and we will be kind to you

  • We will respect your choices and your right to change your mind

  • We will be honest with you about what we can and can't do

  • We will invite you to your meetings at a place and time you can get to.

  • You can tell us who you want to come to meetings.

  • We can help you access support to help you understand what is happening and to tell people what is important to you, this is called Advocacy.

  • We will keep you informed and help you understand what is happening at every stage. We will do this in a way that you choose.

  • We will introduce you to people from other organisations that might need to be involved. We will make sure you understand everyone's role.

  • We will give you the name of a person you can speak to when you need help or want to know something about the safeguarding, this will be called your contact.