What will happen when I have raised a safeguarding concern

We will always take it seriously when someone tells us that they believe an adult with care and support needs has experienced abuse or neglect, or they tell us about a situation that could lead to abuse or neglect.

Everyone is different and will need different information, advice and support depending on their situation.

We will always make sure that the adult with care and support needs receives the help and support they need to take action and make choices that help them to retain choice over their own life.

What happens next?

The Concern
When someone sees or believes that someone is being abused or neglected. This is called a concern. It is important that this concern is reported.

The Alert
When the council is told about the abuse it is called an alert. The alert can be made by the person who has been abused or someone who has seen the abuse. The alert can also be raised by someone who thinks it might be happening.

The Decision
When the council receives the alert they have to decide whether safeguarding is the right route. They will do this by gathering information. If the council decide safeguarding is the right route, then it will be allocated to a professional.

The Enquiry
The council will give the alert to a professional. The professional will check how the person feels about the safeguarding alert. The professional might ask other people who are involved but they should check with you first. This is called an enquiry.

The Investigation
The enquiry could lead to an investigation. An investigation could happen if there are other people at risk of abuse even if you do not want it to.

An investigation is to:

  • Find out what happened

  • Help the person who has been abused to stay safe

  • Help the person decide what they want to happen in the future.

An investigation could take a long time or it could take a short time. It is important that the council tell you what is happening.

We want to help you to keep safe. We want you to be happy.