What is Abuse and Neglect?

What is Abuse and Neglect?
What is Abuse and Neglect?

Abuse and Neglect can happen anywhere including at home, in day care centre's or care homes and hospitals. It may happen once or take place over a longer period of time. Abuse can take different forms.

Different forms of Abuse:

This includes assault, hitting, slapping, pushing, misuse of medication, restraint or inappropriate physical sanctions.

This includes psychological, physical, sexual, financial, emotional abuse; so called 'honour' based violence.

This includes rape, indecent exposure, sexual harassment, inappropriate looking or touching, sexual teasing or innuendo, sexual photography.

This includes emotional abuse, threats of harm or abandonment, deprivation of contact, humiliation or blaming.

This includes theft, fraud, internet scamming, coercion in relation to an adult's financial affairs or arrangements.

This includes slavery, human trafficking, forced labour and domestic servitude.

This includes forms of harassment, slurs or similar treatment because of race, gender and gender identity, age, disability, sexual orientation or religion.

This includes neglect and poor care practice within and institution or specific care setting such as a hospital or care home, for example, or in relation to care provided in one's own home.

This includes ignoring medical, emotional or physical care needs, failure to provide access to appropriate health, care and support or educational services, the withholding of the necessities of life, such as medication, adequate nutrition and heating.

This includes a wide range of behaviours, neglecting to care for one's personal hygiene, health or surroundings and includes behaviour such as hoarding.